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About our progenies' life on the other side of the Atlantic
(from Ms.H.delBorgo)

No, I am not a hearth rug but an almost 5 months old born Canadian. To honour my parents imported from Prague, Czech Republic, my name is Ze Zlate Jalny Orchidee Chloe.

 Orchidée Blanche    

There is still nothing in the mailbox! And I am waiting for a letter from Prague.
(Tiare Blanche)

I am waving my tail to you as a greeting from Canada, where I am having a fantastic time!

(Orchidee Blanche)

"This is not my clone. I just fell in love with an American Champion and from that great romance came our daughter whose name is Ze Zlate Jalny Orchidee Dijon."

Yours: Orchidee Blanche

And little Orchidee Blanche was followed on her long journey to Canada by more young relatives from "Ze Zlate Jalny": Tiare Blanche, Toutou Blanc, Theodore Blanc, Velours Blanc, Vicomte Blanc and Yvonne Blanche. They all found wonderful owners in their new promised land and share with them lives full of mutual love, joy and good fortune

Young Canadian Yvonne Blanche in her smart yellow life jacket and held by her owner, is making waves aboard a yacht on a local lake.

And since these children of "Ze Zlate Jalny" ( "From The Golden Jalna") can leave with their pure and first class bloodlines imprints of their tiny paws on Canadian Bichon Breeding History, it is rather significant that the author Mazo de la Roche, who wrote "Jalna", was born, lived and is burried in Canada. Coincidence? Fate?



Tiare Blanche - Toutou Blanc - Theodore Blanc

And then they say life is like a bowl of cherries...

When the owner of one of our progenies, Orchidee Blanche, Ms. Hanny del Borgo of Canada decided to buy another one of our female puppies it was decided that Tiare Blanche will be the one. As two of her brothers from the same litter, Toutou Blanc and Theodore Blanc, were supposed to travel to Mr. & Mrs. Johnson of USA at the same time, we agreed that they will travel together to Toronto, Canada in view of the long 9 hour flight. There the boys will have some rest and continue from there to their new home in the United States. A large comfortable crate was purchased for the 3 pups and the trip should have been without any stress for the little travellers.

The departure from Prague was as expected without any problems. Well, a little bitty tear fell here and there  you will surely understand, but at that time we didn´t suspect that the date- the 14th of August 2003 was quite obviously suggested to us by the devil if not by Lucifer himself! Nobody could have imagined how dramatic their arrival in their new homeland will be!!

On that particular day and at that time the electric power just went out not only in the USA but also in Canada, leaving some 50 million people without electricity, as darkness was soon to approach. And with that power failure all computers and other electrically operated devices just went out of commission. Even cell phones didn?t function properly.

And as people were primarily afraid of further terrorist attacks life was at a standstill even at the airport. This whole affair put our little travelers into danger and their fate wasn?t all that certain; who, how and when can liberate them from their crate? Those were very stressful moments for all of us, in Prague as in Toronto, believe me! And now we are all grateful to their Angel Guardians that their aircraft touched down about 12 minutes before the power collapse, as later aircrafts were diverted into other provinces of Canada, where electricity was still working and passengers were stranded there for a couple of days. Had their aircraft been diverted as well ? that would have been sheer horror for all of us.

Luckily, human solidarity and understanding knows no bounds and so it was that a kind older customs officer, with a heart of gold and a love for dogs sent away the other men without understanding, when he saw the frustrated and unhappy new owners of the puppies who had been waiting for hours to get their little darlings out of their prison, in which they were now for 17 hours. With pen in hand and by candlelight he did all the paperwork that was necessary and soon the little angels were wheeled out of the Cargo shed into the dimming light of the Canadian sunset for their new owners to see for the first time.

They were showered with love and great joy and soon the little travellers were able to rejoice of their new homeland, whose charm they could only appreciate in the daylight of the following day.

My dear little ones let this good fortune

never leave you for as long as you live!

Your loving breeder in Prague.

Yvonne Blanche

Young Yvonne after her arrival at Toronto Airport with her new owner, Mrs. Karen Ormerod.


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