BICHONS ze ZlatE Jalny



A short and a bit confused fairy tale
How Mr. Mole* acquired pants  and Mrs. Hamster** came by her Bichons.

*) Paraphrased on two popular Czech fairy tales. One speaks of a diligent, good to others mole, who after digging out various objects from the ground like a button, a safety pin etc. saw a pair of children's dungarees with large pockets hanging on the clothesline. He knew immediately he needed pants like that to put his treasures in. With the help of his friends he sewed flax seeds, harvested, processed and spun them into cloth and finally sewed his pants.

The other tells of a poor boy named Honza who sets out to see the world with just a backpack full of jam buns. A Good Fairy guides him to a beautiful Princess with whom he returns home to his native village on a horse with a golden mane.

**) The owner of Ze Zlate Jalny Kennels is called Mrs. Kreckova, which translated loosely into English means a female hamster.

Once upon a time, behind high mountains and mighty rivers there was a Kingdom. A King didn’t rule it but a Queen did. But because the Queen had her own Prince it didn’t change matters at all. This Kingdom was abundant not only with milk and honey, but also with windmills and tulips. (This is only a part of the truth because, the Kingdom was not only gifted with a whole range of flora but mainly and above all with good people).

It is not historically proven if Honza, the legendary hero of Czech fairy tales wandered to that land with a knapsack full of jam-filled buns on his back but it is more than certain that an old Czech Granny, without the jam filled buns but with a Schnitzel, Coke and Thermos flask full of coffee started to visit that magic Kingdom. It is true that this Granny wasn’t given riches and power in her cradle by her Fairy Godmother but she was gifted with a great number of dog friends. And one of those Good Fairies helped Granny, who was finally able in her late years to wander around Europe, to get the gates wide open. Granny wandered and wandered and because she was a real true to God Granny she wanted to bring her grandchildren some lovely souvenir - and what could be better than a darling little doggie? Well yes, but which one - when the world is full of those gorgeous little creatures. One of Granny’s Good Fairies (also in retirement) couldn’t stand the indecision any longer! So she ordered Granny’s feet to carry her directly to a bewitching little Dutch town called Malden and straight to “v. Trajanus” Kennels, owned by Puck and Henny Jacobs. Besides those two wonderful people Granny was also greeted by a melee of white Bichons and Boston Terriers, which gave an impression of a striped typhoon. Even before this whirlwind passed through the room, Granny’s eyes became captivated by a “snowball” sitting on the side and looking at her with slightly frightened, but most beautiful black eyes. And when Granny found out that this was a very sad and disappointed- in-humans Bichon female, the dice were cast and the world had suddenly different dimensions: sweet ROMY was being almost stifled with love in Granny’s arms and left with her to return, not to a quaint little Czech village as the fairy story goes, but to the Royal City of Prague.

There it was positively ascertained, that the little darling acknowledges Granny’s grandchildren but that her one and only love was Granny. This didn’t cause any disillusion for her and she returned that unbounded love in full measure and so it was that in the end Romy became the most pampered and doted on centre of the world of the whole extended family. And here, our fairy tale should end as every fairy tale does. But…

There is a little “ but” and so please allow me a few more words:

When the little sad and frightened Princess did so well at Dog Shows and she was very successful even with a very strict and stern judge in obtaining her ranking for breeding, she was allowed to open a part of her enormously big heart to the love of a dreamed Prince. And because all her ancestors came from the land of the Albion (England), her Prince had to be of noble blood of that land as well. He didn’t come trotting on a magical horse with a golden mane like the Czech fairy story hero Honza, but had the choice to come by ferry, airplane or under-the-sea tunnel. He arrived safely and there was a wedding, a splendid wedding attended by all the Bichons of the land with all the fanfare and when the time came two “dream children” were born: ANGE BLANC and AMOURETTE BLANCHE, later also BELAMI BLANC, BRILLANT BLANC and BIANCA BLANCHE - all from Ze Zlate Jalny. And if you don’t believe it here is the proof: (A & B litters) . And they all lived happily ever after and if they didn’t die they are still happy today and that brings my fairy story to an end.

But after all that it was two sparrows with ruffled feathers chirping on top of the castle’s walls that spread the news that Princess Romy was joined at her Prague Castle by a beautiful and genuine Prince: WHITE PRINCE v. TRAJANUS. And from their love we now have CAPRIC BLANC, C’EST LA VIE, COLOMBE BLANCHE and also DUC DIVIN, DIAMANT BLANC DAME BLANCHE and DESIREE BLANCHE. But let’s leave that for the next fairy story, shall we?

4th generations of Mrs.Kreckova’s family: little nephew Ondra with his best friend. Could the fact that they are inseparable be foretelling something?


…..Some years passed from that time and the “Bichon Family” grew. There were more off-springs and further generations and with them further successes. Romy and White Princ v. Trajanus started an exclusively English bloodline of Bichons. To preserve that line and also to increase the genetic base, other suitable studs from Holland were used: Kynismar What´s It Alabout (Prince’s sire), Mr. Chips v. Trajanus and Dixie Boy v. Trajanus.

With time this line will be mixed with other domestic lines, but the interest of Ze Zlate Jalny Kennels will always be to perpetuate this bloodline pure .It is a case of healthy and very vital Bichons, well balanced in their type who have a typical irresistibly happy, always almost laughing expression. They are so unique, that I am often hearing: “We saw a Bichon and immediately we recognized he was from Ze Zlate Jalny". That for a breeder is a more worthy recognition than all Dog Show prizes.

What more to say about Bichons? When you get to know them as well as I do you will find that it is one of the dearest socialized breeds, abounding with love and loyalty but also with intelligence. It did not get the alias “anti-stress dog” for nothing. I have to ascertain from my own experience that this is absolutely correct. Bichons are surprisingly temperamental and self-conscious, and they will not miss out on any opportunity of physical activity or some mischief.

You will definitely not be bored with them. If you believe, however, that a Bichon will spend his whole day just sleeping on the sofa, then I will disappoint you. That is definitely not their style. Quite to the contrary, they are full of zest and energy and it is up to you how you profit from it. For example agility or a dance with a Bichon, those are “sports” that are tailor- made for them.

You are probably wondering where these small dogs got their vitality and stamina. It is enough to look a bit into the history of the breed and it will be quite clear to you. The Bichons were the pampered & thoroughly spoilt companions of the French and Italian nobility. They lived in luxurious palaces, they had their hairdressers (groomers) and they were utterly spoilt. With the downfall of the nobility this sweet life ended. From one moment to the next they became dogs of the streets, without care to which they were accustomed. They became faithful followers of circuses and organ grinders who immediately spotted their intelligence. In those harsh conditions only the strongest and the most adaptable survived. It is thanks to those that the breed survived and it has such a “sturdy root”.

For those who want to learn the Bichon history more thoroughly I recommend my book BICHON FRISE which was published in 2002 by Publisher PLOT, Uvoz 38, Prague 1. You will not only learn about the history of the breed, but also about the temperament, raising and care, about breeding and Dog Shows, in short I tried to share all my experiences with you.


A - litter of puppies

What´s It Alabout
Mr. Chips
v. Trajanus
Dixie Boy
v. Trajanus

B - litter of puppies



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