This site is devoted to all the Collies we bred, owned or co-owned and those are or were doing credit to our Kennels.

INTERCHAMPIONS     CHAMPIONS     and many others...

Only after borders opening in eighties/nineties it was allowed us, to travel free to other europeian countries and to try to go up for CACIBs - Interchampion certificates. That is why our collies could try to became Interchampions only in last 15 years.
We know about other champions, various winners from Ze Zlate Jalny, but because we cannot verify and ascertain all, especially those who live outside the country, we ask all our friends and owners of our Bichons: Please contact us and share with us the joy of success of your dogs. Thank you.


Congratulations go to Miss Vilemina Kracikova of Prague. She crowned the incredible amount of titles of her dog Voodoo's Vow ze Zlate Jalny with the fifth National Championship...

Voodoo´s Vow ze Zlaté Jalny

Interchampion - Czech - Slovak - Polish - Austrian - German (VDH) Champion
National Winner -  Winner of Speciality Show - Club Winner - Austrian Double Champ
Schwabensieger - Landessieger-Bayern - Regional Winner - Area Winner - Best of Veterans
Top Collie of the Year 1999 and 2003; Top Veteran Collie 2005 (KCHCS)
Working trials: ZOP, ZPU-1, BH, SA1, SA2, LA2 (Agility)
CF1-3 (Collie Revue Collie Führerschein), Canistherapie (Therapy Dog)
more: de.htm (in German Language)

Very of Vim ze Zlaté Jalny

maj. Libuše Kucková

Intechampion - Czech Champion - Regional Winner
2x BIG, 3x BOB, 7x CACIB, 1x CWC, 3x res. CACIB, 10x CAC, 8x res. CACIB

Irret ze Zlaté Jalny

First Interchampion Ze Zlate Jalny, who lived in our country.

Schwarzer Husar v. Paradies

Breeder: Hannelore Rode, D

National Winner, Club Winner, BOB

Fleurette v. Paradies

Breeder: Hannelore Rode, D




Running Girly v. Belvedere
*30.5.1999 - +27.11. 2003

Breeder: Martina Würfel, D

     Czech Youth Champion - Slovak Youth Champion - Hungarian Junior Champion
Junior Best in Show - Hungarian Club Youth Winner 2000
King Trophy = Best  Youth Sable Collie of Club Show 2000
BIG - 2x 5.BIG - Slovakian Winner 2001 - 5x BOB - 3x CACIB
7x CAC/A (Czech Republic, Slovakia,Hungary, Austria)
Regional Winner - Area Winner
Top Youth Collie of the Year 2000 - Top Collie of the Year 2001
more: girly v belvedere de.htm (in German Language)

I am extending my heartiest congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Kanda from Nejdek who with their Collie "One for All ze Zlate Jalny" won the European Dog Show in the Youth Class and became "European Youth Winner" and "Youth BOB."

One for All ze Zlaté Jalny

Europeian Youth Champion 2003 - Youth-BOB - Slovak Champion - Czech Champion
National Winner -
Regional Winner - 2X BOB - 2x CACIB - 6x CAC
Top Youth Collie of the Year 2003 (KCHCS)
more: for all zzj de.htm (in German Language)

My next hearties congratulations I am sending to Hungarian Nyitramenti Kennels of Mr. and Mrs. János and Ellena Balázsovits: their bitch New Inspiration ze Zlaté Jalny became Croatian Junior Champion. All the best for the next show and breeding carreer!

New Inspiration ze Zlaté Jalny

Croation Junior Champion - Hungarian Junior Champion
Youth Club Winner (Hungary and Croatia)
BOB - Junior BIS -  3.BIS (among adults!)

Sonata Jubilee ze Zlaté Jalny

Owner. Libuše Kucková

Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, National Winner, Regional Winner
1x BIG, 5x BOB, 6x CACIB, 13x CAC, 1x res. CAC, 1x CAJC

Fantastic Lady v. Paradies

Slovak Champion, Regional Winner, Slovak Club Winner
7. 9. 2002 Interchampion condition fulfilled
3x BOB, 4x CACIB, 1x res. CACIB, 4x res. CAC, 1x CAJC

Congratulations to all unbelieveable successees of female My Fair Lady, I send to her owner MVDr.Regina Weiszová. Although she is not two years old yet, she was shown at all of dog show types: Club - Speciality - National - International - EuroDog.

My Fair Lady ze Zlaté Jalny

Slovak Champion (fullfilled)
Top Collie 2005,
Club Winner, Special Winner
BIS, BOB, 2nd BISjunior, 2nd BOD

Night Moon ze Zlaté Jalny

Czech Champion
National Winner
more: moon zzj de.htm
(in German Language)

Sullivan ze Zlaté Jalny


Struggle Through from Shiel

imp. England


 Landings of Ladypark

imp. England




... and many others

And I mustn't forget with my congratulations Michaela Kröglerova & David Kočí of Prague with her bitch "Pretty Woman ze Zlate Jalny", who need her last CAC for the Czech Championship...

Pretty Woman ze Zlaté Jalny

BOB - CACIB - Winner of Speciality Show - CAJC - 8x CAC
more: woman zzj de.htm (in German Language)

Jasmine ze Zlaté Jalny

Owner: Ritva Söderblom - Tukanen / Finland

multiple winner is treasuring a lot of titles even in her 14 years of age!

Petula ze Zlaté Jalny

3xCACIB, BOB, National and Club Winner


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