Landings of Ladypark

The Collies are being introduced to you in a year 2002 for the first time - with an imposing jubilee: 50 years of breeding! That is “love for the whole life”, isn’t it?

The Collie is a medium-sized, elegant dog that belongs to the Herding Group. At first sight it will fascinate you with a so-called “sweet” expression and rich coat that does not require as much care as it would appear at first sight. The everyday dirt will fall off the external, slightly greasy coat or it may be removed with an ordinary rough brush. Their temperament is mild, obliging, delicate and tender. Although today they are no longer able to fulfill their original purpose (that of a herding dog) they have not lost the ability to do so. In today’s world they are used in other canine branches such as guard, escort or rescue dogs. They can be used for agility and flyball. They are, however, not suitable for harsh training. In any case they make intelligent companions suitable for a family or lonely people.

To tell you the truth there were a number of breeds that I was considering when I was still just a dog lover. And while I was hesitating Fate sent a Collie to cross my path –“ little girl” Aida…. And the decision was reached! With the new member of our family came not only a lot of joy but also knowledge and experience of the canine world. Later I got married, had two sons and soon another female Collie came to join Aida. Her name was Gina. That bitch had quite a few litters and our canine experiences were mounting. Thanks to foreign literature we found out that without some imports of quality it wouldn’t be possible to reach a higher standard for our Czech Collies.

Up to now I don’t know why it was that we managed to get the best friends among the top breeders abroad but it happened. We managed to get wonderful ties and so were able to ”collaborate“ with kennels like Ladypark, Shiel, Royalpark, Maramin’s, Haus Marwei and many others. Gradually, new friends were obtained to join the “old ones”. They were younger but just as nice and obliging as for example Cambiano, Sunsweet, vom Paradies, von Belvedere, v. Crottorf and others. Thanks to their cooperation and mainly selfless help the Collies Ze Zlate Jalny have reached there where they are today. Thanks, dear friends.

Many “children” from Ze Zlate Jalny went abroad; some even overseas and so far they have been the best advertisement for us. This is confirmed by the constant demand for our puppies that we appreciate very much and also the fact that whoever had a puppy from us will be glad to return one day.

As years went by Collies worldwide were developing and were constantly improved to a greater beauty and they were reaching a better-balanced type. We always tried to keep up with the development of the breed else-wherein the world and this is why these developmental tendencies and progresses were reflected also in the breeding of Ze Zlate Jalny. For those who are interested in the development of the breed I am enclosing a few photos which always represented the standard of the breed at that time. In those photos are dogs that influenced the quality of our breed. I would also like to introduce to you at least a few representatives during the past 50 years. So that you are not confused by the names of the puppies vis-a-vis their date of birth I have to explain that owing to the number of produced litters (which is 107 to date), we had to repeat the obligatory alphabetical order of names already for the fifth time. With that we are starting every alphabetical row backwards – that is to say starting from Z and we finishing by A. The photos are therefore presented by the dates of the various whelps.

When I made a decision 1998 that due to my age and state of health I will only obtain one last female Collie I chose a top breeder in Germany that had the type of Collies I preferred. I had barely chosen a bitch that has just been bred and reserved a puppy when the news spread around amongst the local breeders. And what was the outcome of that? In brief: there came four females into our Kennel! I don’t want to say they were forced on me. They were just offered and delivered home in such a manner, that I just couldn’t refuse. I was quite shocked by this at the beginning but perhaps it is thanks to those young and hopeful females that I acquired new strengths and that I will be able to rear some progenies from them.

Under link "Females" I would like to introduce to you our new “Girls” – three Germans and one Dutch. Even though these pictures are from their young days it is already evident that all four “worked out” and they represent a beautiful, “modern” type of Collies. Bloody Mary von Crottorf already gave us 4 litters (L, M, Q and P) and though some of those went either abroad or overseas, others have already done well at our Dog Shows. In April 2002 and later in 2003 we mated the second bitch, JCh. Running Girly von Belvedere and that was done abroad by a tremendously successful stud EuCh.Nyitramenti Chimney-Sweep and in 2003 it was WCh.Nyitramenti Captain Blood. Some of them have already done well at our Dog Shows also, let me to name sable dog One for All  ze Zlate Jalny, who became Europeian Youth Champion at the EuroDogShow in Bratislava in 2003.

Naturally, I am looking forward to the offsprings of the other two girls (German and Dutch) but I am superstitious and so I shall not get ahead of matters.


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