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     Real Fun but Expensive von Crottorf

      - gold female breed sheltie (Shetland sheepdog)




* 1.11.1996













Fanny was my first dog. I have got her (when she was

three years old) from Baroness Dina von Hahn.


In 1999 I spent a month of holiday by Baroness Dina von Hahn in german Crottorf. Fanny was then the smallest member of her dog pack. It was probably destiny that we are with Fany fell in love at first sight. We spent together beautiful month in Crottorf and leave-taking was difficult. But the year passed like a water and there were here next holiday in Crottorf. This time I have come back home with Fanny in my arms.


Fanny obtained with us a lot of show apprecation and gave birth

to 7 beautiful puppies.



Fannys puppies:


Litter Sheltie A Ze Zlaté Jalny




    Agility Adept ze Zlaté Jalny

    A Lot of Fun ze Zlaté Jalny 











Litter Sheltie B ze Zlaté Jalny





     Boy from Fanny ze Zlaté Jalny

     Best of Fanny ze Zlaté Jalny

     Born for fun ze Zlaté Jalny







After years Fanny met Fanny. Left mother Fanny,

right daughter Born for Fun(called also Fanny)

Litter Sheltie C ze Zlaté Jalny





   Casper ze Zlaté Jalny

   Cinderella ze Zlaté Jalny












In Bohemia we spended together wonderful 10 years. 14.7. 2010 came our last farewell and a great sadness. Never forget ...