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Landings of Ladypark 1960



The kennel “ze Zlaté Jalny“ was established by Jarmila Křečková already in 1952. She devoted her life till the end (September 2006) to breeding of longhair Collies. She become a real dog’s legend. Champions, Interchampions, lots of success winners and many imports passed through kennel but above all it was many beloved dogs’ spirits. While my grandmother named Collies she turned the alphabet five times – 554 puppies in the 108 litters.

Book about Bichon Frisé.




  Landings of Ladypark 1960


In the 1993 grandmother got fascinated with small white breed – Bichon Frisé. As a result she imported from The Netherlands beautiful couple Romy and White Princ von Trajanus. By this she put basic of new line Bichons in The Czech republic. Bichons “ze Zlaté Jalny” and their offsprings celebrated (and up to the present day celebrate) unusual show success. Exactly 100 bichon´s puppies were given the birth in the kennel “ze Zlaté Jalny”. Grandmother loved the small white balls and sympathize with them all up to last day. Therefore she decided to write a book about bichons.


She was extraordinary breeder but mainly famous grandmother…


This book was written by Jarmila Křečková

and published by Plot in the 2002.

 Jarmila Křečková and Landings of Ladypark on TV show by Jana Wericha

It is a pity she is not among us. Here you can find last remembrance of her, which were published in cynology press: Svět psů, Pes přítel člověka,

Magazine Collie&Sheltie and German press: Collie Revue.


How you surely understand, it is not possible to summarize the 54 year history of “ze Zlaté Jalny” to several sentence. Fortunately you can see whole history on the primary segment of this web-site - Collies and Bichons.


Grandmother's wish has always been to "ze Zlate Jalny" not become extinct. Fortunately, maybe dog-mania is handing down from generation to generation and so I was hit by a love to dogs also. In priciple I was born in "ze Zlaté Jalny" too. It is no wonder that dogs are my life and I cannot imagine it without them.


However intentionally, I didn´t ever establish own kennel, so as I could "one time" take over kennel ze Zlate Jalny. By orders of FCI can have everyone only one name of kennel in the life. And therefore, when I would establish own kennel during grandmother's life, I could already never "ze Zlate Jalny" take over (so as wished my grandmother). And so, I have registered my first litters (sheltie) from the outset (still during grandmother's life) on kennel “ze Zlaté Jalny”


It "one time" (which I have me in fact never allow), happened unfortunately 4.9.2006, therefore from this moment „ze Zlaté Jalny“ will be continuing only under my name and with the breed of Russian Toy.


And here is a little recollection of my first dog - my beloved sheltie Fanny.


 Our family friends


As our whole family is a bit dog-lunatic, we also have some friends – Whippets living by my sister Jana in kennel Sunny Funny.


Sunny Funny Whippets