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Our activities with Toys


Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny - agility

If you are thinking to get Russian toy I can quarantee you that no doubt you wouldn´t get bored with him.



Russian toy is lively, gung-ho and energy. It is  possible to do with him almost all dog´s sports. Retrieving, jumping, coursing, dog dancing and so on. If you persuade your toy that it is fun he would do all blackguardly trick with you.





We are member of Agility club AGI Forte Praha ourselves and our female passed basic course of Agility, Tosca passed even first races. This activity further deepens and stabilizes your relation with your dog. I.a. health through sport!



Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny - agility Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny - agility Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny - agility



Russian toy and bycicle? No problem


Toy cann´t ride on bycicle as it is not such “superdog“ , but it can run next to bycicle. Even with pleasure. When his legs ache, owner put him to bag on bycicle and go on.


Tosca is running next to the bycicle. Tosca inside the bag. Terry inside the bag.

When they goes down hill together, toy puts ears to the back so if you (by chance) meet  them somewhere on the hill don´t get scared it is only so-called – “aerodynamic toy“ :o)


 We have a good owner:)from left: Eva, Tosca and Pista




In-line skating with toys


On skating you can take  your Russian toy still with you. 


Nice to take place and if not

enough pace, take it easy

to the arms and go away...








Walks and marches of all kinds


Funny, Terry and Tosca on the trip.

Tosca and Pista 5.8.2009


     Pista 3.8.2009







Russian toy likes classic walks to the nature. Therefore our team "ze Zlaté Jalny" is interested in 5xP so called march for dogs from Prague over mountains.

This event is organised every year by village Chotouň near Jílové u Prahy. Participants follow settled rout plan with maps and the action description and you get all of this just for symbolic start fee. According your choice you can join routs of length from 10 to 25 Km. Who has ever visited this event, can never be missing next years.





Coursing Ruský toy coursing


Holidays with toys




Ruský toy na lodi





Traveling, swimming, trips,

sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag...


Everything is for Russian toy adventure,

that very happy with his family is experiencing.

Due to of the size Toy is not problem 

eg: take him with you to the restaurant,

summer cinema or inflatable boat.







V autě  






Russian toys as FCI breed may participate in all regional, national, international, europian and world dogs shows (as home and abroad). It is for this breed also organize Club KCHMPP clubs and special shows.


Pista as winner of Club Show in the Poland. Tosca and Terry.















We are having our girls participate in dogs show ragularly and have to say that it is really happy :o)





Welfare with toys



Russian toy can make pleasure for any situation...