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Chovatelská stanice ze Zlaté Jalny

Russian Toy, Russkiy Toy



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 kennel "ze Zlaté Jalny" devoted to

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22.7.2018 added new photos of Doddie




7.7.2018 added new photos of Doddie



30.6.-7.7.2018 Agility training camp in Horni Vysoke: camp race Kukie 5th place and Pista 6th place.




28.6.2018 added new photos of Doddie


štěně Ruský Toy


9.6.2018 Doddie opened her eyes, new photos


  Doddie ze Zlaté Jalny Doddie ze Zlaté Jalny


23.5.2018 our Kukie is a mum, it was born one female - more in puppies.




1.5.2018 our Kukie represent breed Russian Toy in the journal Pes pritel cloveka 5/2018.



2.4.2018 Kukie is already big girl :) Profile photo updated





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