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News year 2011



PF 2012 ze Zlaté Jalny





International dog show Ceske Budejovice:


Pista - champion class - EX1, CAC, CAC CMKU,

            BOB, 5th place BIG IX. groups FCI


Cupido ze Zlaté Jalny - intermediate - EX1, CAC





Agility competitions "Zářijové hopsinky 2011" Prague:

Tosca - jumping 2nd place, XS special dis.

Pista - jumping 4th place, XS special 2nd place



Ruský toy a vlk





10.9.2011 Walk for dogs over the mountains 15km route


3.9.2011 Agility competitions "O pohár Pandy" Prague:

                Tosca 4th place, Pista 5th place


29.8.2011 Visit the Prague ZOO - the leader of the wolf

                   pack itself came to meet with our girls up close











3.8.2011 Agility competitions Louny:


Pista - agility 3rd place, „tunnels game“ 9th place

Tosca - agility 15th place, „tunnels game“ 10th place


30.7.2011 Training coursing - Neznasov

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Summer training camp Litomerice - Tosca and Pista trained agility, obedience, and tried looking for the first time track






















4.-6.7.2011 Pista, Tosca and Bony expanded range of boaters on the river Otava


Ruský toy na vodě




















2.7.2011 Club Show Mlada Boleslav:

Pista - winner class - EX2, r. CAC




18.6.2011 change in contact


Tosca and Pista played the role of bridesmaids in our big day.

Of course, they two could not miss the honeymoon too...


 Tosca a Pišta svatební cesta




Tosca Agility

5.6.2011 AcanaCup agility competitions Nymburk category XS:

Pista - total jumping and agility 3rd place

Tosca - total jumping and agility 2nd place


21.5.2011 International dog show Litomerice:

Pista - champion class - EX3


14.5.2011 Agility competitions Louny S.O.S.:

Pista - jumping 10th place, agility 4th place

Tosca - jumping 5th place, agility 10th place


7.5.2011 Club Show Mlada Boleslav:

Pista - winner class - EX2, r. CAC

Bonny Babe ze Zlate Jalny - open class - EX3

Bumble-Bee ze Zlate Jalny - open class - EX2, r.CAC

Cupido ze Zlate Jalny - junior class VG4




26.2.2011 Agility competition "Special - Panda" Prague:


Pista with Tosca  in relay-race pairs have won the second place.

Pista won third place in the individual competition.

Pista, Tosca and Bony took fourth place under the name "Turtle commando" as a team.


 Pišta závody



15.1.2011 Pista represented Breed Russian Toy on show "Champion of Champions 2010".


Psí šampion



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