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News year 2015



PF 2016 ze Zlaté Jalny



Kukie 28.9.2015

31.10 - 1.11.2015 International dog show in Prague:


Pista - veteran class - saturday EX1, BOV

                               - sunday EX1, BOV, Prague winner, BOB

Kukie - youth class - saturday EX1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS

                             - sunday EX1


11.10.2015 International dog show in Ceske Budejovice:


Kukie - youth class - EX1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB



poháry po výstavách















 Ruský toy Morava Ruský toy Šatov


15.8.2015 Kukie is growing like a weed, she is already big girl :o)


Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny

Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny

Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny


Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny na Hradě Beckov

In first August week discover our girls with us beauties from Slovakia. We do not miss out Čachtice castle und castle Beckov too.


Ruský Toy ze Zlaté Jalny v Crottorfu












In the last July week Kukie socialized with big Collies and Shelties pack from Baronin Dina von Hahn in Crottorf. By this opportunity tested our girls castle-chair.


4.-11.7.2015 Agility training camp AGI Forte Prague in Horni Vysoke:


Tosca - 6th place in camp race

Pista - 5th place in camp race

Kukie - is not take a part yet, but she trained during the training week very well some of the fence


Kukie Ruský Toy Agility Kukie Ruský Toy Agility


1.7.2015 added result of our filming with Pista from September 2014 - Advertising on Axe (20-30s)


Pišta Ruský Toy Reklama AXE 



13.6.2015 Club show KCHMPP Mlada Boleslav:

Kukie - very promising 1

Pista - winner class - EX2, r. CAC

Tosca - veteran class - EX2



Ruský Toy Kukie a Pišta ze Zlaté Jalny













New fotos -  games of our females.







24.5.2015 International dog show in Litomerice: Kukie - very promising 1


12.5.2015 Added fotos of Kukie (one from 26.3.2015 as a baby).


Ruský toy miminko ze Zlaté Jalny Kukie 10.5.2015


11.4.2015 Added new fotos of Kukie.


Kukie Kukie




Our family ramify about new female, she arrived on monday from St. Petersburg and we call her Kukie.


Magiya Sharma Gamma Chuvstv 29.3.2015





Agility competitions "Hopy Tropy" Prague - Horni Pocernice:


Pista - advanced S - Game 4th place, Agility 5th place

Tosca - advanced S- Game 6th place, Agility 3rd place, 3rd place total






Agility competitions "Winter cup" Všetice u Neveklova:


Pista - XS - I. Jumping Dis, II. Jumping Dis, Czech Imp Jump 8th place

Tosca - veteran S - I. Jumping 2nd place, II. Jumping Dis






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