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News year 2016


PF 2017 ze Zlaté Jalny





15.10.2016 Club show KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav:


Kukie - intermediate - EX1, CAC       

Pista - veteran class - EX1, BOV, BOB, 3. BIS veteran




28.9.2016 Svatováclavský competitions Agility

Petcenter Praha:


Kukie - Jumping 13th place, exam Dis., game 15th place    

Pista - Jumping 9th place, exam Dis., game 7th place





10.9.2016 13 km route march for dogs Kralupská Ťapka full of funny tasks (garden cart race, hotdog aport, bark on command ...), Tosca 5th place, Pišta 11th place Kukie 22nd place. Tosca was the oldest participant on this dog march.




26.-28.8.2016 Agility competitions Noční Hrátky in Machuv mlyn Křivoklátsko - competitions full of unusual races. For the Karneval-run have changed Kukie and Pista into the ladybird and Ferdy. More races ended for us with Dis, in the breed-race get Pista 1st place.












18.-21.8.2016 our girls expanded the range of boaters on the river Luznice.




2.-9.7.2016 Agility training camp AGI Forte Prague in Horni Vysoke: Kukie 7th place and Pista 6th in camp race.





Special dog show and animal muster in Mlada Boleslav:


Kukie - intermediate - EX1, CAC, Winner of special show       

Pista - veteran class - EX1, BOV, 3. BIS veteran


Kukie - succesfull animal muster





18.6.2016 Hochosterwitz trip



















24.4.2016 International dog show in Ceske Budejovice:


Kukie - youth class - EX1, CAJC

Kukie became Czech junior champion


Pista - veteran class - EX1, BOV, BOB

Pista became Czech veteran champion


























9.4.2016 at the trip in Jizerské hory interested kitten "Mrs. Puma" in our Pista






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